Love for Gigi

Ma, Grandma, Gigi. Words of affection in our family. The following is a tribute to a strong and amazing woman. I knew I wanted to write an article for my Grandma, but I also knew I needed help, so with Facebook as my tool, I asked the rest of the family if there is anything they would like to share. Below you will find a collage of thoughts and pictures, pieced together not unlike the beautiful quilts our Gigi makes. This is our gift to her. Much love and thankfulness to our Gigi.

Smells and Feelings

Gigi with my mom and uncle. Isn't she stunning?

Gigi with my mom and uncle. Isn’t she stunning?

When I was just learning to speak, my mother tried to get me to say “grandma.” Not as easy as one might think. It always came out “grrr-mama!” and likewise, “grandpa” was “grrr-papa!” I had lots of opportunity to learn to say “Grandma” because my brother and I spent a lot of time with her. My parents, being in the restaurant business, worked long and hard hours, but they were able to leave us in Grandma’s capable hands. She had raised 6 kids already. And I think she enjoyed being a grandma.

I have memories of my grandparents’ little house near Lake Nokomis. I would see Grandma cooking or baking in the kitchen, and I would run and find my special green stool and drag it in next to her so that I could stand up to the counter and “help”. If she was baking pies she would let me bake a small one for my dad. I must have been pretty young because the memories are faint, the kind made up of smells and feelings rather than words and specifics.

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