So what is there to know about me?

My name is Kelly Dima. I am married to my fabulous husband Catalin Dima from Romania. Catalin is Administrative Pastor at Hope Community Church (with me!). He is a wiz at finances and investing … and teasing his wife. We have three energetic and brilliant sons, Alec, Manny, & Benjamin.¬†We reside in Corcoran, Minnesota.

I am Director of Christian Education and Office Administrator at Hope Community Church in Corcoran, Minnesota. I have worked at Hope since 1997 when the church was founded. Since I was 14 all I wanted to do was work for a church. Now my husband and I serve together. A dream come true!

kellyI received a degree in Communication as well as Biblical and Theological Studies from Bethel College (now Bethel University) and a Masters Degree in Christian Education from Bethel Seminary.

I love singing on the worship team, binge watching Netflix, and spending time at my parents’ lake home in northern Minnesota. I love a lot more than that, but I think I am supposed to limit it to three, right?